Created in 2011, Premier Energy Solutions has the mission to be the best service provider in the commercial, industrial, medical device and pharmaceutical industry.


* AABC Certified Firm in Air and Hydronic System Testing, Adjusting and Balance of Environmental Systems.

Business Service Provided

PREMIER ENERGY SOLUTIONS is a company dedicated to providing the best service to the Industrial and Commercial Areas in the state of Florida and the Caribbean in the following specialties:

Air and Hydronic Testing, Adjusting and Balance of HVAC Systems

Every facility must meet the design intent of the engineers and architect involved in the development of it. It is our job to knowledge, experience and tools to adjust the HVAC Systems in those facilities as per the design intent, drawings and specifications.

By doing so, deliver each system at its highest pick of performance with the least energy consumption possible. It is our compromise to report on any job completed, honest results obtained from our test and our expert opinion on what must be done, if necessary, to increase system performance.

No job will be completed until we have push to the limit to deliver the most efficient system possible.

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PREMIER ENERGY SOLUTIONS, Inc. will set the standards in the industry by achieving our goals in...

* Becoming the best service provider in our specialties in the industry in the State of Florida.

* Delivering our customers their systems at their highest performance possible.

* Providing our customers, the service and support needed to achieve their goals.

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Our Vision

PREMIER ENERGY SOLUTIONS, Inc. will become the most useful tool available for our costumer in providing and implementing solutions to their everyday challenges in the field.

We will deliver in the most efficient, honest and versatile way to fulfill our customer needs while providing a friendly working environment.

Excellence is achieved in the pursuit of perfection… Inspired in a sphere, shaped from within…